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Faith Plan / Vision

In all our work and witness, we are committed to the following ministry values


Dependence on the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘the Sovereign controller of all things’.


God has designed things so that, while the journey to the Cross, must be made alone, the journey from the Cross is to be made in inter-dependent, supportive, loving, relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ.


We seek to honour God in all our behaviour and live lives which constantly commend the Gospel.


Love for God. Love for one another. Love for our enemies. Love for our neighbours. Love for the lost. Love for ourselves.


We acknowledge that we are called to live and minister in tension between two worlds: the world of the Bible and the world of today. In seeking to be effective we endeavour to adapt our ministry so that it is relevant to today’s people, while, at the same time, refusing to compromise on Biblical absolutes.

To this end, we aim to …

… build a team of ‘enabling’ style leaders who will carry this vision forward to the glory of God.

… become an effective disciple-making centre so that more and more people will be transformed into fully devoted followers of Jesus, soldiers of the cross.

… become a community of belonging, where no-one is neglected, and everyone has a safe place to share, grow, and be accountable.

… become a people increasingly living Christ-centred lives, a people constantly demonstrating the practical love of Christ to the world, and winning the lost.

… become a people committed to the primary drive of worshipping, loving and enjoying God, declaring His glory in all we do and are.

… become a people, faithful and fervent in prayer – Honest in the confession of our own unworthiness. Powerful in our intercession on behalf of others and mighty in spiritual warfare and resistance of the enemy.