Jesus said, ‘Without me you can do nothing’. Leslie (our minister) and the elders of Woodlands accept this wholeheartedly and as a result are dedicated to seeking His plans and directions, not ours. One measure of the sincerity of a church’s convictions regarding ‘dependency’ is prayer. We want Woodlands to be a ‘house of prayer’ and the people to be a praying people.

The Prayer Ministry exists to present the praises and petitions of our church and community before the Lord. We invite you to pray with us and to receive prayer, with the following being the prayer opportunities available in Woodlands, not including our worship services each Sunday:-

Need Prayer?

How may we pray for you? The members of our Prayer Team are dedicated to intercessory prayer. You may have worries or needs in your life for which prayer and help from the Lord is needed. Please send a brief description of your prayer request to:, or use the contact form below.

Also, please let us know how God answers your prayers and/or if you need additional prayer. Praise reports really encourage the team!

After Service Prayer

Therefore encourage one another, and build up one another, just as you also are doing.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

The purpose of the After Service Prayer Ministry is to minister to those who ask for personal prayer in response to the preaching of the Word of God.

The time spent with those who seek prayer is extremely important in helping them understand their commitment to Christ and how they can get connected into our church family. It will also help those, as members of this ministry team, to grow in their relationship with the Lord as they share biblical truths with those who request it.

If you feel you are gifted in this area and would like to take part we would be delighted to chat with you beforehand to find out if God is calling you to participate in this ministry. Please ask Renee, Leslie or Desy about it.

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