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  • Sunday: 11.00
  • Sunday: 18.30
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Worship Services

Christians are called to worship God with the whole of their lives (Romans 12:1). However, those lives are not meant to be solitary and do not prosper in isolation (Col 3: 15 – 17). God has called us together in special families called churches. He also invites us to come regularly together into His presence with praise and prayer for teaching from His Word. These experiences of worship should be among the richest in all our lives: joyful, awesome, inspiring, directing.

The Woodlands congregation meets regularly as follows:

Morning Service 11.00 am

Crèche facilities (The Ark) are provided for infants under 3 years, with children aged 3 to 11 leaving the service after about 15 minutes for King’s Kids in the Church Hall. The morning service is preceded by a time of prayer in the Oak Room at 10.00am and coffee is served at the Coffee Bar from 10.30am onwards for everyone.

Evening Service 6:30 pm

This is smaller and more informal, often with a time for sharing within the service. The sermons during the evening service often follow alongside the studies from the cell groups.