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Summer Prayer Diary – July 15-21

Thy Kingdom come.

Romania team 12-23  Myles, Ali, Judith, Michael, Andy, Scott, Tony, Chris, Jamie, Zoe, Danielle, Robyn – safety, health, travel, that God would be the centre.

Pray for each other – for those we know who are going through difficult times.

SU Shine Ballyduff  16th – 23rd Jill Loughins

Les & Pam on holiday – 4th – 18th

Prison Fellowship – pray for Christians in our prisons whether prisoners or staff – that they might shine for Him in the darkness..

Mark at St Mark’s Melbourne back to Bible College and schools are back after winter holidays.

Potters House – Thursdays 11-2 pm

GB and BB as leaders have time off over the summer – pray that they would be built up.

Stuart Hawthorne Abbots Cross Presbyterian for the next 4 weeks his senior minister is on holiday – pray for wisdom for the responsibilities this places on Stuart.

Steve and Lorna,  Chiang Mai – that God will continue to show than clearly what and what not to be involved in.

Africare Brian & Hazel Dorman – witchcraft continues to hold people.

CAP ongoing work with debt

Thank God for the leaders in our Church and pray He would continue to give wisdom as they seek Him.

Sunday sermons

AM – Ian Drysdale
PM –  Tough Questions

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