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Summer Prayer Diary – Aug 26-Sep 1

For Thine is the Kingdom the power and the Glory. Amen

Pray for each other that we would take opportunities to spur each other on and encourage each other.
Seniors meet on 1 st September
Stuart, Caroline, Caleb, Joel, Eli & Mollie – as look forward to another year at Abbots Cross Presbyterian.
Potters House – Thursdays 11-2 PM
Africare Brian & Hazel Dorman – sourcing medical equipment and transportation required.
Prison Fellowship – for staff and board as prepare and consider strategic direction over the next 3 years.
Steve and Lorna – they will be missing family who are here at home. They will have had a visit from two of their nieces this month.
Cell groups – If you are a new Christian or been a Christian for years – this is the time to ask those questions to delve deeper and get to know God better.
Pray for – GB, BB, TreeTots, Ladies Bible study group, King’s Kids, ARK, YF, Tune In, Seniors, WOW.
Cell groups, Session and Committee. Pray for the leaders of these groups as they look towards the next few months and the preparation for the meetings.

Sunday services
27 th AM Ian Drysdale
PM No service

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